Economical heating and air conditioning in one.

When you're at a campground, you've already paid to use the electricity. So why not use it to take the chill off your RV and save your limited supply of propane? With the Coleman®-Mach® HP2™ High Performance Heat Pump you get an economical, electric source of heat and a high-performance air conditioner in one sleek package.

The HP2™ cools exceedingly well with a powerful 15,000 BTU nominal cooling capacity. When a chill is in the air, a special reversing valve enables the cooling system to convert to a heating system. In fact, with the HP2™, you can put two-and-a-half times more heat into your RV than you can with an electric heat strip.


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   48000 Series Heat Pump Installation Instructions

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   HP2 Product Literature

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   Roof Top Heat Pump Operation & Maintenance

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