This member of the Coleman®-Mach® family has the LOWEST profile in the Industry standing short at 8 inches tall. This lower profile means LESS DRAG and improved fuel efficiency. Two motors means The MACH 8 DELIVERS the same high BTUs of cooling on both high and low speed operation. The Mach 8 has the HIGHEST air flow delivery on high speed, and ULTRA QUIET on low speed for night time cooling. Industry EXCLUSIVE molded one piece fiberglass base pan provides excellent durability with reduced weight.


         Mach 8 Features & Benefits

         Mach 8 Installation


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   47000 Series Heat Pump Installation Instructions

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   47000 Series Roof Top Air Conditioner and Ceiling Plenum Operation and Maintenance (Customer Envelope)

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   47000 Series Roof Top Air Conditioner Installation Instructions

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   Mach 8 47000 Series Heat Pump Operation and Maintenance Instructions

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   Mach 8 Product Literature

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   Mach 8 Product Literature

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