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SHD Series Furnaces
Dual input rates supply 25,000/40,000 BTUH.

Suburban SHD Series furnaces have two gas heating input rates and blower speeds to provide the correct amount of heat and air circulation when you need it. Providing the right amount of heat and air flow better mixes the indoor air and prevents temperature stratification of the indoor air.
When Suburban's dual rate furnace is used with RVP's 2-ton heat pump central system and thermostat, it creates the ultimate RV heating and cooling package. All SHD Series models feature:

  • Larger blower wheels that turn at a lower RPM for reduced sound levels.
  • Dual inputs of 25,000 and 40,000 BTU/h for powerful heating performance.
  • Compact design only 9 3/8” high, offering the perfect combination of design flexibility and maximum airflow capacity.
  • Front or rear gas connections.
  • Installation with or without exterior door.

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